Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rim El Tounsi Crowned MISS ARAB WORLD 2010

Rim El Tounsi Crowned MISS ARAB WORLD 2010
Rim El Tounsi representing Tunisia was crowned MISS ARAB WORLD 2010 on December 7th in Cairo, Egypt. Eighteen young candidates of Arab descent competed in the annual pageant. The Miss Arab World pageant, which aspires to embrace the conservative nature of Arab culture, was criticized by two conservative contestants who felt uncomfortable with the excessive Western touch of the pageant.

Miss Oman Al Zahraa Al Maleki, 21 year old, has been pulling out. “For me, this was wrong, especially as a woman from an Arab Gulf society,” she said. “I joined with the understanding that this was a cultural event, but after three days of wearing full makeup, standing for photo shoots and learning to walk on stage, I chose to go back to my classes,” she added.

Miss Kuwait, who was accompanied by her mother, left a few days later.

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